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Share the Dignity - Period Pride Campaign 
Post Production & Content Strategy

Meta x Virtual Method - Virtual vs Reality | Pilot Episode
Hybrid Virtual Production & Creative Strategy

Facebook x Minus18 - Wear it Purple Day Pride Party
Hybrid Live Production & Creative Advisor

Trigger Design x MacQuarie Group - Warrane 
Editor, Cinematographer and Post Production Creative

"Harvest" dir. Amaan Hassen

Meta x Grace Beverly | Podcast Youtube Recording

Meta x TAFE NSW | Immersive VR for Learning Case Study
Creative Producer

Trigger Design x Parks NSW | Oral Histories Series
Cinematographer & Editor

To make an on the ground difference in ending period poverty, Share the Dignity required evidence-based data to prove the social, personal, and financial impacts of menstruation among Australians. To do this they launched their “Big Bloody Survey”. I worked with them to create a content strategy for social which included creating over 50 pieces of unique content tailored for different mediums - stories, posts, videos in multiple aspect ratios; 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9. The end result was a total of 125,205 people taking part in the survey making it the largest survey of its kind ever conducted.

This project involved producing a proof of concept video for a Sydney based AR/VR company in collaboration with Meta and Women in AR/VR. Our talent was based in three different locations; LA, San Diego and Sydney and each crew was organised and briefed by myself. For this highly complex production it was essential to effectively manage both up and down, making sure we were hitting the clients goals while also directing remote crews via video link and giving direction to high profile figures.

Due to our studio being closed during lockdown and their inability to have in-person events, we had to go hybrid with this live show. We crafted a show featuring a live presenter throwing to pre-recorded content. In this way we were able to lessen the complexity on the day while having enough time in pre-production to craft some great pre-recorded content from music to comedy to poetry. The live show had 14k viewers (Facebook) in Australia which was a big turnout for a minority community of LGBTQI+ teens.

Although I was involved in the original shooting of this project it was while editing that Greg (Trigger Design) leaned on me to help with the creative. I advised on shooting a new sequence of nature related b-roll to tie into the edit with some abstract transitions and sound design. He agreed and I spent a day shooting before finishing the edit. This is a permanent museum installation at MacQuarie Group HQ, Martin Place.

Harvest is a short film directed by Berlin based filmmaker Amaan Hassen. As Cinematographer on this project I worked closely with Amaan to develop the style and visual language of the film. I received multiple awards for the Cinematography.

Camerimage - Official Selection 2016

Student Etudes Competition

Best National Student Cinematographer

Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS)

National Awards 2016

Gold Plaque - Student Cinematography

Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS)

NSW & ACT Awards 2015

Entrepreneur and podcaster Grace Beverley had a short stop in Sydney and wanted to do a last minute podcast with local fitness influencer, Sarah Tilse. We stepped in and provided studio support for the podcast recording and filming. 

Youtube: 265k views

Instagram: 59k likes (cutdowns)

In order to assist Meta sales teams in demonstrating use cases for the Metaverse we produced a series of "Bridge to the Metaverse" case studies. TAFE NSW had created an immersive training programme for apprentice plumbers where they could simulate situations in VR that would not be possible in the real world due to the risk of death. In addition to this one, we also produced one for Hyundai, Les Mills BodyCombat and Foxtel.

Worked with Trigger Design and Parks NSW to create a series of videos that would act as Oral Histories of the indigenous population around Botany Bay National Park. This was an interesting approach as we didn't want to direct too much or try and guide the narrative. Instead we allowed our subjects to speak about whatever the local area meant to them and then it was up to me to find the story in the edit. We made five videos in total, and these all live in Parks NSW National Archive.

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